For two unforgettable seasons of "Chappelle's Show,"  Dave Chappelle made us laugh. He made us cry. His fearless, intelligent, racially charged brand of comedy was nothing short of a revolution. The show shut down twelve years ago, and America's finest comedy minds are still playing catch-up.

Now, Chappelle has been rewarded with a three-special Netflix deal worth $60 million. Congrats, Dave! We love you. Celebrate by clicking through the gallery and revisit the 10 greatest sketches in "Chappelle's Show" history. 


  • World Series of Dice
  • Kneehigh Park
  • (anything with Tyrone Biggums)
  • Niggar Family
  • A Moment in the Life of Lil Jon
  • Wu-Tang Financial
  • Black Bush
  • Tupac is Still Alive