Many emcees are noted for their serious, aggrandized personas so it becomes easy to forget that for the most part, Hip Hop is about fun and many rappers use their verses to tell some jokes (isn't that why they call them punch lines?).

Perhaps in an era where Vevo-streamed, artistic, well-directed visuals reign supreme, we've forgotten another time when people would watch the silliest music videos on MTV, showing rappers just chilling and having fun and making us laugh until it hurts. We're all for rap getting taken seriously in the eyes of the mainstream public, but we're glad for the artists preserving the tradition of spitting some funny-ass lines to keep us going throughout the day.

Here we name ten rappers who can especially make us chuckle through goofy and clever (and sometimes just hilariously crude) lyricism. No list of this nature could be definitive, so let us know which other rappers you find hilarious!