After covering rappers and a producer in our first couple instalments of Top 10, we decided to combine the two for this week's. In the past decade especially, the producer credit has gotten it's fair share of the spotlight, whereas before, the role was much more in the background. With increased exposure, comes increased opportunity to capitalize on it. Lots of producers have tried their hand at spitting bars over the years, with some doing it more gracefully than others. For a lot of artists, producing is their way into the industry, as they first make a name for themselves behind the boards for already-established artists, before going on to release their own projects. It's not necessarily easier to get your foot in the proverbial door behind an MPC than a microphone, but it's worked for a few artists. For other artists, they picked up beat-making along the way, after already hitting it big with their rhymes, giving them a new outlet for creativity, not to mention a new revenue stream. 

Today, we'll countdown the top 10 artists who've honed their skills in both arenas, plus a few who just missed the cut. Head to the comment section, Facebook, or Twitter to let us know anybody you think we unjustly left off, but don't be butt hurt when we tell you why you're wrong. Just kidding, kinda. If you're wondering why you lucked out and got a new Top 10 so soon after the last one, we're dropping them on Mondays going forward, so shout out in the comments any future list suggestions!