King Louie speaks the truth: “They say you can make it anywhere, if you make it in Chicago.” The city notoriously known as Chiraq has been long overshadowed by gang violence, and those fortunate enough to make it out the trap are considered heroes. You know the statistics; Chicago has more murders than the war in Iraq. To cope with the violence, the city’s youth created drill music. Defined by Gawker’s Justin Charity in his article The Occupation of Chiraq, drill is “doomsday dance tracks with trap drums, subterranean beats punctuated by .38 blowback and electrocuted snares, videos shot in the barren living rooms of project apartments; dreadlocks whiplashing in weed smoke saunas.” A scary sight, indeed.

A couple years after its explosion, drill hasn’t cooled off yet. Lil Durk and Chief Keef are gearing up to release their major-label albums Remember My Name and Bang 3, respectively. Before these albums hit stores though, let’s take a moment to reflect on the sub-genre’s hottest tracks. What better time than now? Counting ‘em down in order, here are the top ten best Chicago drill songs. Let’s get it.

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