In just a couple of years Lil Uzi Vert has gone from a Soundcloud darling to arguably the hottest artist in rap that's not named Drake or Kendrick. He has done it through becoming one of the most consistent artists of the Soundcloud generation while having an infectious personality that everyone seems to gravitate towards. Each of his projects bring something new to the table and once you look past the hits, you’ll surely be treated to a ton of unsung cuts that have gotten less looks. But, of course Uzi has gotten to the point where even his deep cuts have some cultural relevance.  

Examining Uzi’s music is tough because like the previously mentioned Drake he has different sides to him. Sometimes Uzi is heartbroken to the point where you can feel the pain in his music, other times he is lovestruck, and occasionally he just takes a couple of minutes to flex as all rappers do. That versatility and ability to make music that’s not all the same helps Uzi thrive in the playlist era. There was a time where cohesiveness was cherished, but now artists search for the ability to make projects where there is something for everyone and Uzi is able to that effortlessly. When you look through Uzi’s body of work from the mixtapes, to the EPs to the loosies, what you find is an artist that refuses to keep himself in a box.