Michael Jordan won his very first title in 1991 and he was wearing a pair of Air Jordan 6s while doing so. As a result, this shoe immediately became iconic amongst sneakerheads. On top of that, it was just a very solid-looking shoe. This model has some race car vibes to it, which makes a lot of sense given Michael Jordan's affinity for motorsports. Over the years, this sneaker has been given a ton of dope new colorways, and fans are always eager to add them to their collections.

After 30 years of heat, it is clear that enough time has passed in order to be able to properly rank these sneakers. From the OG colorways to the newer models, there are plenty of great offerings to choose from. So without further ado, here are our top 10 rankings for the best Air Jordan 6 colorways.

10. Air Jordan 6 "UNC"

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Image via Nike

To kick off our list, we are starting with a shoe that features a slight variation on a colorway that is going to be a large part of our list. Without giving too much away, let's just say we are kicking things off with 2017's "UNC" colorway. This model is basic but it features a color scheme that is very popular in the Jumpman world. North Carolina colors are always appreciated, and when paired with the black suede above, you get something truly special.

9. Air Jordan 6 "Infrared 23"

Air Jordan 6 Retro BG 'Infrared 23' - Air Jordan - 384665 623 - infrared 23/infrared  23-black | Flight Club

Image via Flight Club

This next colorway is called "Infrared23" which is a motif that has been transplanted onto various other Air Jordan 6s over the years. As you can see from the image above, this shoe goes very heavy on the red. The entire upper is made with red leather, while the midsole is black. There isn't another Air Jordan 6 that looks like this, so it should come as no surprise that fans value it highly amongst the rest of this silhouette's library.

8. Air Jordan 6 "Midnight Navy"

Air Jordan 6

Image via Nike

The Air Jordan 6 "Midnight Navy" is a sneaker that came out back in 2000 and now, it is slated to return in 2022. As far as the colorway itself, the elements here are pretty basic. For instance, you have a white leather base, all while the tongue and midsole are covered in navy blue. Overall, this is a very clean colorway, and you can't help but love the way the navy looks on this silhouette in particular.

7. Air Jordan 6 "White/Infrared"

Jordan 6 Retro Infrared White (2014) - 384664-123 from $270

Image via StockX

As you can see from the image above, this colorway is very basic. Having said that, it is an OG colorway of the Jordan 6, so it certainly belongs on this list. Michael Jordan soared in these shoes, and to this day, fans have been praying for more and more re-releases. From the all-white leather upper to the red hits on the midsole, these shoes are perfect to wear out on the court. They are basically a reverse version of the infamous "Infrared" colorway, and that alone is reason to be a solid offering.

6. Air Jordan 6 "Olympic"

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Olympic' 2012 | GOAT

Image via GOAT

Back in the early 90s, Michael Jordan got to play for the Dream Team at the Barcelona Olympics. While most people remember his Air Jordan 7, he also had an Air Jordan 6 with a similar color scheme. As you can see above, this shoe has a similar layout to the "Carmine" model but instead of the Chicago red, we are met with a gorgeous shade of blue that is meant to represent the United States. It is one of those sneakers that fans still remember, and hopefully, it is met with some sort of restock or retro in the near future.

5. Air Jordan 6 "Doernbecher"

Air Jordan 6 Doernbecher 2019 579603-740 Release Info | SneakerNews.com

Image via Nike

Nike's Doernbecher campaign has always produced some unique shoes. While some will say the shoes are a little too out there to actually wear, there are others who believe these are amazing pieces of art that showcase the imagination of a child. The "Doernbecher" 6 is one of those shoes that is perfect, regardless of the critique mentioned above. From the navy blue suede on the upper to the red and gold hits, this is truly a dope shoe. The fact that it was for a good cause makes it even better.

4. Air Jordan 6 "Travis Scott" (Olive)

Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 VI Medium Olive Release Date CN1084-200 | Sole  Collector

Image via Nike

The only collaboration on this list comes from none other than Travis Scott. The olive version of his Air Jordan 6 is simply to die for, and it is arguably his best Air Jordan, and yes, we are aware that his Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 1 do, in fact, exist. Overall, there is nothing you can say  about this shoe that would devalue it. The colors are perfect and the stash pockets on the sides make this unique to Travis' artistic vision. It's a sneaker that continues to receive love from sneakerheads, and it most definitely deserves a high ranking.

3. Air Jordan 6 "Carmine"

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Carmine' 2021 Release Date CT8529-106 | Sole Collector

Image via Nike

Among the shoes that MJ wore in 1991 is the "Carmine" offering which actually came back in 2021 as a celebration of the shoe's 30th anniversary. Like the "Olympic" colorway above, the base of the shoe is where all the color is. From the side panels to the toe box, we are met with a gorgeous shade of red, while white overlays take over. It is a very cool look that flashes on the court. Some believe this is the best colorway of the Jordan 6, but it simply isn't iconic or as aesthetically pleasing as our next two.

2. Air Jordan 6 "Sport Blue"

Air Jordan 6 "Sport Blue" - Nikestore Release Info - SneakerNews.com

Image via Nike

Slotting in at the number two spot is yet another OG colorway, "Sport Blue." Just like the "White/Infrared" model from before, this sneaker contains a white upper and a blue midsole. Of course, some will find this model basic, especially since it doesn't contain any Bulls colorways. Having said that, "Sport Blue" is a nice change of pace from all of the red colorways that seem to dominate the Jordan 6 landscape. Besides, blue works better with the white upper than red does, in our humble opinion.

1. Air Jordan 6 "Infrared"

Air Jordan 6 'Black Infrared' OG 2019 Release Date | Sole Collector

Image via Nike

Of course, the "Infrared" model had to be number one on the list. There isn't much to say about this shoe other than the fact that it is what Jordan won his first championship in. From the black suede upper to the Chicago red midsole, this is the type of shoe that will go down as a Top 5 Jordan of all time.

Let us know your favorite Air Jordan 6, in the comments down below.