With yesterday's news from A$AP Yams that the Mob's debut album was officially scrapped, the only positive news was the promise of new music. Yams tweeted that while the compilation album was cancelled, we'd get a mixtape in October from A$AP Nast as well as a new album later this year from Rocky. So we can't be that mad, right? If you were following along with the announcements on Twitter, Yams posted a link that led to a countdown clock, which indicated something big going down in a few days. 

Because the link leads us to believe the release is Rocky-related, it could possibly be a single from his forthcoming album. We won't have to wait too much longer to find out thankfully. In the meantime, we were thinking that it's been a while since we heard a ton of new music from Rocky, and that's never good. So for this week's installment of Top 10, we'll be running through our all time favorite tracks from That Pretty Muhfucka. As usual, we'll give you the ten best, plus a bunch that just missed the cut. We won't go by sales or radio spins, because a lot of his best music was released for free before his 2012 album came out, though songs from that LP will also be considered. Also, if you thought yesterday's news meant you wouldn't be getting any new music from fan-favorite A$AP Twelvyy, rest assured that A$AP Mob's manager Chace Infinite says a new Twelvvy solo album is forthcoming too.

Make sure you take a trip to the comment section and let us know which songs we missed, and hit us up on Twitter or Facebook for even more heated debate. Until next time, Always Strive And Prosper.