By now, you all don't need an introduction to Amber Rose. Like it or not, she's a big deal in hip-hop. The former stripper turned video girl first caught the eye of Kanye West in Ludacris' "What Them Girls Like" video, and the two soon began a relationship that lasted almost two years. After 'Ye, she moved on to Wiz Khalifa, whom she married two years later. Somehow between marriage and a kid, Rose continued to cement herself as one of the baddest bitches in hip-hop. If you haven't checked her Instagram... well, of course you've checked her Instagram. 

Her entry in to the hip-hop vernacular is evidenced by her appearance in countless rap lryicslyrics, from those of her own former hubby to Lil Wayne to Kevin Gates. Amber also has two singles to her own name, "Fame," which features a Wiz verse, and "Loaded," though we'll let you explore her songwriting skills on your own time. 

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