Remember the 90s? Even if you didn't live in the era, or else maybe the 90s were a quick blur in the timeline of your life, they were a time of classic music nonetheless. What makes the 90s interesting now, is that, like everything that happens in the past, they’re getting more and more distan (!). Nostalgia, memories and the weight of history is making the 90s into an era that defined lives. And who knows more about taking moments from the past and bringing them into the present, than rap music? 

Here at HotNewHipHop, we’ve compiled ten different cuts that rely on samples from 90s R&B. Some of these are as melodic as the records which they’ve decided to flip, and a few others actually take their source material and turn it into something new and quite strange. No doubt a few readers will think of many more classics that slipped our mind, and as time proceeds even more will be emerging with each and every new release. More and more, the 90s feel both right at home and untouchable in the current musical climate, but it's records like these that can allow us to appreciate how much hold they have on musicians and listeners today.

What's your favorite?

Photo: Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic/Getty Images