In one of the more left-field beefs to simmer this year, rising artist Toosii has shared his thoughts on the tension between him, Rubi Rose, and DDG. During an Instagram live interview with DJ Akademiks, Toosii touched on the beef that he has with Rubi Rose and DDG, and he had some pretty heated takes on the situation.

According to the New York rapper, the drama between him and his contemporaries has been brewing for longer than most fans would probably think. However, he ultimately points the finger at Rubi Rose and DDG for starting the beef altogether, saying that Rubi Rose kept texting him before eventually telling Toosii that since DDG has smoke with him, so does she.

To his stance on the matter completely clear, the Poetic Pain artist repeatedly says, "F*ck you and your boyfriend."

According to Toosii, DDG has been shading him for a while now by letting off vague and subliminal shots on his socials, but Toosii has purposely been brushing those minor situations off and letting the Die 4 Respect artist slide. However, the latest fiasco with DDG trying to check him for texting Rubi Rose apparently is the straw that broke the camel's back because Toosi is no long sparing his words for either of Rubi Rose or DDG.

"Listen, gang," Toosii starts. "If you that mad about a b*tch who done sucked every rap and every f*cking genre d*ck? Son, stop playing with a n*gga!" Ain't no need for you to have no pressure about a b*tch who done sucked 35 f*cking d*cks before she even got to you. If you that mad, we on the same Rolling Loud date. F*ck all this internet sh*t. You gon' see me when you see me."

Check out the full screengrab of Toosii and DJ Akademiks' Instagram live video below.