According to a report by TMZ, West Coast veteran Too Short is the suspect in a new rape case. The alleged victim is a protege of the Bay Area rapper who was once signed to his label.

The woman, who's name remains unknown at this time, claims that back on November 1st she was at an L.A. residence with the rapper when he allegedly sexually attacked her. She apparently told the cops she's a virgin and gave no form of consent. This all being a month after the alleged incident took place that the victim went to the cops. 

Now, there’s always two sides to every story though. Sources close to Too Short told TMZ that Short never had sexual contact with the alleged victim. The sources say she was on his record label but was eventually dropped, and that’s coincidentally when she made up this allegation. They even say the victim tried to get back on the label, and Short thinks this as a form of extortion.

For what it's worth, Too Short hasn’t been in talk with the cops yet, but we’ll keep you posted if he does, or if anything more develops from this story.