Too Short has been caught up in the middle of rape allegations as the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements encourage more and more women to step forward as survivors of sexual assault. The West Coast rapper was sued for sexual battery in January, having been accused of sexually assaulting a woman named Teana Louis. Too $hort has said that the incident is nothing more than extortion; somebody attempting to capitalize on their past relationship to make some quick cash. Now, the Bay Area artist may have the evidence to prove that their relationship was consensual.

TMZ reported that Short and his attorneys presented several text messages to the court today, which allegedly prove that the two engaged in consensual sex. Of course, rape is an incredibly sensitive topic and, until the case has a proper verdict, it is impossible to tell which side is in the wrong. The presented text messages are racy in nature, showing that Teana was pursuing a sexual relationship with Too $hort and even referring to herself as his wife. In one of the texts, Short's accuser writes, "Baby I wish you were here right now, just talking to u on the phone makes me wet." 

With consent being a major topic of conversation in the last year, the meaning of the word is often misconstrued or taken out of context. While text messages may not signify any form of consent, if Too Short's lawyers can convince the judge that the two were in a relationship at the time and there was no sexual misconduct on the California rapper's part, he may be off the hook. Check out what $hort had to say about the situation below.