The feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly has been one of the most momentous occasions for hip-hop this year. An Eminem return was not necessarily needed but we craved a return to his Slim Shady ways, which we received on Kamikaze. The competitive spirit is in the air as Em and MGK try to one-up each other and while people will have their opinions about who won the beef, Tony Yayo appears to have his mind fully made up.

If Eminem had his way, MGK would be irrelevant at this very moment. However, just as he feared, he may have elevated the man's career by releasing a diss track against him. The song in question, "Killshot," was extremely well-received in general, making our Hall of Fame section and breaking records on YouTube for the biggest debut of a hip-hop song. With Eminem claiming the YouTube throne, the Detroit artist is continually cementing his already impressive legacy. According to Tony Yayo, Em can be considered the greatest of all time, without a doubt.

The G-Unit member pledged his allegiance to the "Rap God" on Instagram, re-posting a headline about the record Em just broke. He's not alone in his thinking either as many fans have reaffirmed that they believe Marshall is the best to ever do it in recent days. 50 Cent has also commented on the news, reacting in a bittersweet manner. Do you agree with Yayo?