The Tony Parker era in San Antonio has come to a close. The veteran point guard was seeking a two-year contract from interested teams because he wanted to reach the 20 season threshold before he put out his torch. Parker has been relegated to the sick bay in the past two seasons, seeing his minutes drop, and his appearances reduced to 55 and 63 games respectively.

There was interest in San Antonio to bring him back, but regrettably only in a reduced role. Dejounte Murray has really made the starting point guard position an uncontested battle for playing time, even taking key reserve minutes away from Aussie Patty Mills.

Parker informed head coach Gregg Popovich of his decision right before accepting Charlotte's $10 million offer. With Popovich's blessing, Parker will see out his illustrious career in the Eastern Conference, in a more prominent role alongside Kemba Walker, himself the subject of trade rumors.

In a strange set of circumstances, Parker's departure could help the Spurs nurse their wounded relationship with franchise talent Kawhi Leonard. At the very least, better communication could help him get move quicker, and for a better return. Tony Parker is believed to have planted the seed in Leonard's fractured relationship with his teammates and the coaching staff. Parker famously said his quad injury was "100 times worse" than Kawhi's injured right quad.