Well that didn't take long. Just a day or two after going viral for his racist rant, comedian Tony Hinchcliffe has been dropped by his talent agency, WME, TMZ reports.

If you happened to have missed it, footage of comedian Tony Hinchcliffe went viral this week after he went on racist tirade during a stand up set. It all happened in Austin, Texas last week when the comedian, known for the Comedy Central Roast series and working on Joe Rogan's podcast, did a set after being introduced by fellow comic Peng Dang (who is of Chinese descent). However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when Hinchcliffe went off the rails and started attacking Dang for being Asian.

“How about one more time for the filthy little fucking ch*nk that was just up here,” Hinchcliffe said before going on to mock his accent. “Oh we make gunpowder. Oh you want extra soy sauce. Oh you borrow money from us! And you guys are just eating it up, you fucking pussies,” Hinchcliffe added.

In an interview with TMZ, Dang spoke about the experience and explained he has no idea what Hinchcliffe’s intention was. “I’m from China, I’ve been in this country for almost 11 years,” he said. “I lived in Alabama, Georgia, Texas… and I had never heard anybody call me that C word. So I was very, very shocked when I heard it.”

He added that prior to Hinchcliffe’s comments, he said the audience responded well to his set, which focused on stopping Asian hate. He mentioned that “some of the audience were visibly uncomfortable” following the introduction of Hinchcliffe, “especially the female audience members.”