Tony Hawk is famous for having bodied the skateboarding game. He is still recognized as the poster child for the sport. The athlete is obviously grown now, and his opinion comes with massive credibility. When he says that someone is good at the sport, no one can object.

Hawk was asked which non-pro skateboarder is the most skilled at the discipline. Although many celebs like to shred, Tony hardly hesitated in giving his answer. The only person he mentioned is Hopsin.

"I skated with Hopsin who's a rapper. He's legit at skateboarding. Guy can do triple heelflips so he's no joke."

Hopsin is clearly multi-talented to receive this kind of shoutout from a skateboard icon. Check out the video below to see the artist in action. His moves are compared to those of his fellow rapper, Lil Wayne. Both have some legit moves. Sound off in the comments.

Those who want to hear the rapper flex within his musical calling can check out his appearance on Jarren Benton's most recent project, Yuck Foo. Hopsin lays down his lyrical tricks on the Kato-produced track entitled "Don't Need You." The song, which was selected as one of the record's singles, was released in June.