During a recent stop on First We Feast's "The Burger Show," the legendary Tony Hawk took a moment to reflect on Kanye West's recent skateboarding video. Given that he's widely understood to be the greatest skateboarder of all time, Hawk's words carry a notable weight to them. Like a true teacher, Hawk expressed patience and respect during his analysis, even though Yeezy has become somewhat of an easy target for potshots. 

"Ya know, I gotta give it up for him in that he goes straight to the ollie, because it's the foundation of every skate trick basically," says Hawk. "He just was like, 'I'm gonna learn how to ollie.' Yeah, like, go do one of the hardest things to learn through the years. And the fact that he didn't eat shit was something too. There's a lot of them that cut off his second attempt. Second attempt was bad."

Still, Tony is sure to keep things positive, expressing admiration toward Yeezy's perceived love of skateboarding. "Hats off to him, in that he's going to be under so much scrutiny whatever he does, and he just jumps on a skateboard knowing there are cameras around, and goes for it. I gotta give him credit for that."

Had Kanye been practicing during the heyday of classic video game series Tony Hawk Pro Skater, perhaps he might have joined the ranks of Darth Maul and Officer Dick as an unlockable character.