Tony Hawk is easily the most legendary skateboarder of all time and for good reason. He achieved the pinnacle of the sport and is known as a pop culture icon. Hawk even has his very own video game series which is a testament to how relevant he is at his craft. Even after all of these years, Hawk remains one of the most prominent voices in the skateboarding community.

With this in mind, it makes all the sense in the world that a company like Vans would want to partner with him. In fact, Hawk is now Vans' global brand ambassador. This means Hawk will be responsible for representing the brand in a multitude of different ways. The legend is even planning on putting together a professional vert skateboarding competition that will be sponsored by the brand.

Image via Vans

"Vans was the first skate shoes I ever wore, beginning in 1978," Hawk said in a press release. "My dad bought me a pair and I begged him for the ‘ankle guard’ accessory because high-tops weren’t available yet. I wore Vans almost exclusively until the mid-'80s. Vans has supported skateboarding since the very beginning, and never wavered in its commitment, even with massive mainstream success. I have always respected their integrity, so it is an honor to officially join forces and help continue to grow skateboarding culture in the most authentic way possible."

Stay tuned for updates on what comes of this newfound partnership.