Toni Braxton was on the same page as most viewers who tuned in to watch Babyface and Teddy Riley attempt to go head to head on Saturday, and her whole befuddled journey has been immortalized in a series of live tweets. After their initial Verzuz battle was postponed due to Babyface's unfortunate diagnosis with coronavirus (from which he has now recovered), the legendary producers surprised fans by announcing that they'd finally be going up against one another on Saturday night.

Unfortunately, a myriad of issues caused the live streamed event to turn into an even greater disappointment than the prior cancellation. Teddy Riley showed up with a full entourage complete with a live band, camera crew, and a backup dancer. To top it all off, his sound was absolutely terrible, which ultimately led to the battle having to be postponed yet again. Practically everyone was appalled at how drastically this battle went up in smoke, and that even included Babyface's work wife, Toni Braxton.

Toni Braxton Babyface Teddy Riley Instagram live battle verzuz live tweet reactions hilarious funnyMatt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for dcp

When the night began, Toni was stoked to observe what should have been history going down between her "musical husband" and Mr. Riley, retweeting Babyface's announcement of the battle and adding, "Oh wow this is gonna be lit."

However, once the festivities began, Toni's expectations, along with the rest of ours, were quickly let down, as Teddy's sound issues created an echo that put a huge damper on the whole affair.

Within 45 minutes, Toni had declared the whole thing "cringe," and criticized Teddy's lack of social distancing.

She was floored when Teddy requested that they start the battle over so far into the evening, and proceeded to mock both men for being less than tech-savvy.

Once the sound cut out entirely, Toni was beyond done with this battle.

However, she made sure to clarify that she had nothing but love for Teddy, and that it was all in good fun.

Still, she had to admit that things could have gone better, and she couldn't resist taking one last lighthearted jab at Teddy's shortcomings.

Too funny. Will you be tuning into the promised "rematch"?