Toni Braxton is the happy fiance of Birdman as it was finally revealed that the two are engaged. After Toni shared the news on her family series Braxton Family Values, Birdman later paid a visit to The Wendy Williams Show where he was prodded with questions. 

“We not married … as of yet,” he told Wendy, adding, "That’s my girl, my friend, my family.” Wendy then interrupted him to ask if they "have sex" with Birdman just responding with: "That’s my love, my soldier, my life. She my everything … She my life. I love her to death.”

New reports now say that Toni has some debt she'll have to get in order before the big day arrives. According to The Blast, Toni owes a whopping $780,808.29 in taxes. 

The publication shares the following breakdown: 

State of Californa
2015: $113,500.93
2016: $116,870.07

2015: $310,223.28
2016: $240,214.01

This isn't the first time Toni has had money issues. In 1998 and 2010 she filed for bankruptcy where she told ABC News that she blames her money problems on her obsession with home decor. 

“I love dishes and house things, so I kind of lost it a little bit on the houseware,” she said.