Toni Braxton's fans were this close to seeing her exposed breasts in her latest photo upload to social media. The singer/songwriter has been in the headlines this year because of her relationship with rap mogul Birdman but the latest reports are all about her and her stunning figure. 

51-year-old Toni Braxton is turning heads all over again with her latest photo, which would be considered by some as a thirst trap. She woke up this weekend and was particularly feeling herself, deciding to let everyone in on just how hard she's been working on her body. "Embracing my WHOLE body...hysterectomy scars and all...@orangetheory making me feel 29 again! 👁 love me some me," wrote the recording artist, showing off her natural figure. The comments are overwhelmingly positive with so many of Braxton's fans hoping she would post more content like this. After all, there's aren't enough female role models for our young girls and this is an incredible example for them to look up to. Unfortunately though, there are some people who are dragging her as well. 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Braxton wears a casual outfit, stepping out in her pyjamas and raising her top to nearly reveal her breast. Take a look at the photo below and let us know if you think she went overboard by posting this? There are some people who are shaming her, saying that she's too old to be posting images like this.