The debate regarding the Confederate flag continues to divide, and recently rapper Tone Loc nearly got himself arrested following a conflict centered around the political imagery. We previously reported that Loc was at an airport in Texas when he got into a shouting match with a white couple after the rapper commented on their son's Confederate flag hat. The altercation ended with Loc being placed in handcuffs, and while he wasn't take in to custody, the outcome was just moments from having a different ending.

Loc caught up with TMZ to offer up his version of events, saying that he doesn't have a problem with people wearing whatever they want, however, those decisions come with consequences. "I just saw somebody and went...quote-unquote I said, 'Your hat is wack.' It had a Confederate flag on [and] it said 'Rebel.' Now to know I just said, 'Your hat is wack' then I went to get my luggage off the luggage rack, then I walked out. As I was leaving I said 'your hat is wack' again and then that lady was like, 'This is my son, he's a minor, and you can get your f**kin' ass out of here. You don't have a right to talk to him.'"

"I don't care if people want to wear a Confederate flag or do whatever, but I must say this, please...if I wear a blue rag or a red rag where I'm from, then I'm gonna have to suffer the consequences, because somebody I might run into might not be into that. That child's mother or father should have checked him because he may run into somebody who may not be into that stuff. Then he'll have to suffer the consequences, or his parents will have to suffer the consequences."

Loc goes on to say that although the boy wearing the hat was able to have his parents step in on his behalf this time around, they may not be around in the future. Check out a clip of the heated airport exchange below.