Remeber the MTV show Cribs? The series gave celebrities the opportunity to basically brag about how much better they were living than everyone else. Well, almost every celebrity gloated about their crib, but Redman took a much more hilarious and memorable approach. The same "check out my lavish living" procedure is being implemented by Architectural Designand recently, they showcased the million dollar penthouse of fabled fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Hilfiger has been amassing his wealth for decades and so it's no surprise that his gorgeous penthouse home would overlook Central Park in New York City. That's some prime real estate, especially considering New York prices. The $50 million dollar penthouse is filled with eccentric collectibles and expensive art that most likely costs more than your entire mortgage. Hilfiger shows off a sprawling dining room that he claims they only used three times, a kitchen decked out with white marble countertops that is also hardly used, a den that features televisions behind mirrors so that you can groom yourself and be entertained all at once, and an office that holds gifts from Mick Jagger, books from Karl Lagerfeld, and an Annie Leibovitz portrait of his family. Check out the full tour of the lavish penthouse below.