Congratulations are in order for Tommie Lee's daughter Samaria, who announced her pregnancy earlier this week.

Samaria is 16-years-old but she decided to keep her baby, breaking the news on social media.

"No i didn’t plan this but life happens," said the teenage daughter of Tommie Lee, star of Love & Hip Hop. "I made my choice to keep my gift from god and live not caring about what anybody else think i am beyond grateful and happy for the people who stuck around to let me know they got me cause only god know it take a village to raise one child ! My life is only going up from here i just have one extra life coming with me and I’m beyond happy for it. And for all the young pregnant woman or woman with child let me be your inspiration! It’s okay you will do just fine."

Samaria has not announced the sex of her baby yet.

So far, Tommie Lee has not commented on her daughter's pregnancy. Samaria is Tommie's oldest daughter.

The Love & Hip Hop star was recently in the news after she was arrested for sbuding her other daughter, Havalli, at her school.

Lee is set to become a grandmother at 35-years-old. Congrats!