Tommie Lee's daughter, Samaria, announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago. The 17-year-old returned to the headlines yesterday when she said that despite her mother’s alleged attempts to trick her into having an abortion, she plans to carry her child to term. Now, following Samaria's allegations, Tommie spoke about her oldest daughter, Samaria’s pregnancy on Instagram Live last night.

The former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star addressed the gossip surrounding her trying to convince her daughter to undergo an abortion.

“This is a moment of transparency for me,” said Tommie. “I don’t agree with the fact of addressing family matters, or really any matters on social media.” She continued, “For one thing, I know that the people that you’re talking to, they really don’t care. They don’t care and at the end of the day, it’s humorous for them.”

“Anybody that knows me, they know how I am and how hard I go for my family,” said Lee, addressing Samaria’s claim that Lee did not support her.

“The reason why I feel so strongly about that opinion for females to have a say-so about their bodies is because this is something that you are never going to be able to undo,” said Tommie. “You’re never going to be able to undo having a child.”

Tommie continued to defend her opinion: “You’re not given a manuscript on how to parent. You’re not given a manuscript on how to handle x, y, and z. There’s no book out, when you’re in that labor and delivery room, it’s no book out to show you when you leave [the labor and delivery room] how to address x, y, and z.”

“I would rather a teen live their life. Because I was a teen and I had a baby young,” Lee explained. “I didn’t have nobody. I didn’t have anybody to tell me, ‘This is what you’re supposed to do.’ I didn’t have none of that. So, ultimately, my decision to my child, that I think so highly of and I love, is that I don’t want her to ever face the things that I faced. I don’t want her to ever go through that.”

“As a mom, I’m disappointed,” Tommy said. “I’m hurt.”

“I went through a time where I was so depressed. I wasn’t eating. I wasn’t posting. I had endorsements and I wasn’t posting what I was supposed to be posting because I’m in my head about somebody sleeping with my daughter [and] my daughter having sex.”

“I want you to be in your dorm room,” said Tommie Lee. “I want you to complete high school, I want you to have wild parties. I want you to live, live, live out these years of your life because you never get them back. You never get these years back. You’ll never get your 20s back. You’re never going to be able to be a teenager again, ever.”

You can watch a screen record of her IG Live session below.