Skin bleaching in the Black community is a hotly debated topic. While altering your skin color to appear lighter is objectively an act of self-hate and slightly problematic, this has not stopped many people from undergoing the process of bleaching their skin. Some new photos of former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Atasha "Tommie Lee" Jefferson has people questioning whether or not she's the latest to get rid of some of her melanin. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

The 36-year-old reality TV star sparked speculation about whether or not she's bleaching her skin after she shared a photo of herself on Instagram appearing a little washed Thursday (March 4). In the since-deleted post, she dons sunglasses but much of her face and skin from her legs and hands are fully visible. Fans in the comments ignored the caption of the post to instead comment on her lighter appearance. One fan commented, Damn u look different.”

Seemingly ticked off by the commenter, the reality TV star clapped back at the user. She penned, "don’t you with blonde hair idk anybody who looks the same with a whole white wig on, y’all say the same shot everytime I change my hair color it’s getting old this post is about credit but I guess my looks more important to some smh slow a** mf’s."

Tommie claims the wig is what is giving her an unsaturated appearance, but fans seem to think otherwise. For comparison, here is a photo shared by Tommie just yesterday versus one from back in December.

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