Late last week, reports surfaced that Michael Flynn, Donald Trump's former national security adviser, had been ordered to make contact with Russian officials by the President before he won the election. That bombshell has continued to send nervous whispers around the halls of Capitol Hill where the Republicans are concerned, but according to one well-known right wing media personality, Trump has nothing to worry about.

Tomi Lahren, everyone's favorite flag-wearing civil code violator the controversial conservative commentator, told TMZ that the President isn't nervous at all about the Flynn guilty plea that would include evidence that Trump did in fact collude with the Russians, should that information be properly vetted as complete truth. It would also contradict the statements Flynn made under oath to the FBI, which in itself is a critical offense. 

The interesting part of this whole story is that Lahren, for once, may have her facts straight when she insists that, if there really was a smoking gun related to Flynn's about-face, it would have appeared by now. In fact, the original report on the guilty plea from ABC News was proven to be erroneous, leading to the suspension of veteran news man Brian Ross for four weeks without pay. As it stands, the clarified information states that Trump did not contact the Russians as a candidate, but rather as president-elect, where he asked Flynn to reach out to officials from that country to discuss issues including working together to fight ISIS.

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