In a move that even Captain Obvious himself could see coming from a mile away, conservative radio host Tomi Lahren has joined the team at Fox News. Best-known for her divisive remarks, including a tweet that compared Black Lives Matter protestors to the Ku Klux Klan, the 25-year-old has been quoted as saying that she's not racist. However, one way or another, she'll be under far more scrutiny going to a network that has been called out numerous times since last November as being a media organization that has enabled the hate-fueled outbursts that have occurred since President Trump has taken office.

"I am blessed and honored to join the Fox News team," said Lahren in a statement that she published to her official Facebook page. "This exciting new step will allow me to give voice to all the America-loving patriots who have had my back since Day One. I will remain a solid and passionate advocate for you." She goes on to thank all of her supporters who she describes as "brave" and "hardworking." "Thank you for following me on my journey. I assure you, I will always stand up and speak out for our brave service members, our law enforcement community, our veterans and hardworking Americans from coast to coast. The Fox News digital future is bright and I can't wait to take it to new heights! There is so much more to come and I am blessed to partner with Fox News on this next adventure."

Earlier this summer, Lahren joined another outspoken TV personality, Chelsea Handler, at Politicon to discuss, among other things, Trump's supposed lies to the American people. According to a report from Variety, that's where things got interesting, to say the least. When pressed on the President's past public comments on Chinese currency manipulation and inauguration crowd size, Lahren said that those exaggerations were "something I can live with." Another controversial moment came when she admitted that she's “luckily” still on her parent’s insurance plan, which drew a derisive reaction from the crowd. Guaranteed to get a response one way or another, Fox seems like the perfect fit for Lahren.