Tomi Lahren is known as the Internet's favorite punching bag a Fox News commentator who is never shy about expressing her conservative, uber-patriotic political views, both on television and via social media. She also tends to spout the notion that liberals are soft, frequently using the term "snowflakes" in her attempt to slam their stances on certain topics. However, a recent tweet that included the image of a poster that featured both Lahren and the "snowflake" phrase wound up backfiring as a means of publicity for the young pundit, turning her into a new meme for the Internet for clown on.

The poster not only classifies liberals as snowflakes, but it offers some curt advice for how to go about their day-to-day lives in a more orderly (is that even the word?) fashion. Phrases like "Nothing is free," "Screaming doesn't make you right" and "there are no safe spaces" were just a few of the pearls of wisdom that Lahren decided to share with the political community via the poster, a move that ended poorly for the media personality. Twitter users were quick to point out the blatant hypocrisies that she was trying to spin as fact, while also pointing out that, on the Republican side, many of the same bad habits continue to crop up, just in different ways. Check out a sampling of the Internet clap back below.

This latest social media blunder comes on the heels of Lahren's last transformation into a meme, which didn't happen that long ago. Leading up to Halloween, the Fox News pundit dressed up, well, I'm not quite sure. There's a "Make America Great Again" leotard and an American flag draped over her shoulders which, as it turns out, was in violation of U.S. Code. There's a clause in there that states that the flag cannot be worn as apparel of any sort, which made Lahren the butt of the joke then as well. There's always hope that she'll learn from his past mistakes but, in contrast, the entertainment value for those who enjoy their Tomi Lahren memes is almost too precious to give up either.