News correspondent and pundit Tomi Lahren was on of the most successful journalists of 2016, and has become a star for conservative media network TheBlaze. Whether it was because of her rising fame, high profile appearance on The Daily Show or something larger behind the scenes, Lahren spent some time last night doing something we all have: deleting embarrassing old tweets.

We don’t necessarily fault Tomi for tweeting some of this stuff in the first place; reckless teenage and college student behavior is the norm for most people. That doesn’t mean we can’t screenshot and enjoy them though. Especially the ones where she keeps referencing the need to "pop that p." Seems like Tomi was pretty wild back in the day. She doesn’t seem fazed by the old tweets, saying “sounds like I’m a pretty fun chick,” so respect to her for owning it (aside from the deleting). So much for "family values?" 

We know there are few Tomi Lahren fans and probably more haters on this site, especially after getting into a social media altercation with Wale. Do these old tweets change your views on the media personality?