No matter who you ask, you're nearly guaranteed to get a similar response regarding Jussie Smollett's charges being dropped. The Empire actor was facing sixteen criminal counts of filing a false police report and yesterday, all of them were officially dropped. The move was a shocking one and social media did not go easy on the entertainer. People ended up getting political in their critiques, bringing up how Smollett's family is close to several key people in power. The fact that he got off scot-free though doesn't mean that his reputation hasn't been damaged. In fact, Smollett will likely need to take a decent amount of time off to regroup because right now, he's not looking so hot in terms of his public perception. Tomi Lahren, who has now added herself to the list of Jussie detractors, is appalled, to say the least.

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

For the last month, the controversial news reporter has gone back and forth with The Game, hurling insults and calling on her feminist fans to virtually strike the rapper. Today, she's commenting on a different entertainer, bringing up Jussie's case and how she is so confused that he won't be spending any time in jail.

"Hate crimes are unacceptable and so are fake hate crimes," wrote Lahren. "Charges dropped for Jussie? Really?" She then went on to attack the left side of the political spectrum, claiming that anybody defending the actor is giving themselves a bad name. "Libs doing backflips to defend Jussie is a new low, even for them," she wrote.

While the second statement is a little more divisive, the first is one that many may actually agree on. What do you think?