March Madness is in full swing and in just the first day of action, there was plenty of drama to go around. One of the more interesting games was #2 Michigan State against #15 Bradley. Bradley shocked the Spartans as they had the lead going into halftime. The Spartans were able to come back and win the game 76-65, avoiding what could have been an epic upset. Perhaps the highlight of the game though was Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo having to be restrained after going after his own player, Aaron Henry.

Izzo was upset with Henry's play and was unapologetic about his outburst.

"What's wrong with challenging a kid that makes some mistakes?'' Izzo said according to ESPN. "Aaron Henry -- trust me -- did some things that you can't do as a starter on a top-5 team at the end of your freshman year. They were effort-related. I did get after him. He did respond. He did make a couple of big buckets. He did make some big free throws but that's not good enough. It's one-and-done time. The 'my-bads' are out the window."

Henry explained that he wasn't phased by what Izzo had to say. "I've heard worse from him. I've got it worse in practice before," the Spartans players said. 

Michigan State will play Minnesota in the Second Round tomorrow.