Anyone who follows the MCU knows that Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo have a reputation for spoiling everything. The pair collectively are grouped into the "big mouth" category, with Marvel and Disney both having to step in and check the stars in the past. The most baffling spoiler that was aired was on Ruffalo, when he almost admitted that Thanos killed half of the heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. According to Comicbook, while attending the FanX convention in Salt Lake City, Tom Holland defended himself against the big mouth reputation.

When one person in the audience of the convention asked Holland who was the bigger spoiler of secrets, he or Ruffalo, Holland answered with a smile. “I haven’t spoiled anything,” he said slyly. “I’ve spoiled a few things, but Mark Ruffalo said that everybody dies at the end of Infinity War,” Holland continued. “But the thing is, no one took him seriously. Like if I had said that, everyone would be like, ‘yeah, it probably happens, yeah.’”

“I mean, Mark live-streamed the first 20 minutes of Thor by accident. I didn’t so that,” Holland added. “So I have to say Mark is...” Holland does have a point. His spoilers have been much more playful or mild, but Ruffalo has done some pretty next-level spoiling. Who do you think is worse?