Tom Hanks may be one of the most loveable actors of all time, but it appears his son, not so much. For those unfamiliar, he's a rapper by the name of Chet Haze. Of course, being the privileged son of a famed actor, while also galavanting across the world and attempting a tough rap persona is no easy task. 

Although Chet Haze's career has yet to really take off, he's still got a word or two for all his haters. Taking to Instagram yesterday, Chet slandered all those haters and also dropped the n-word.

"2 types of people in this world: those who know exactly what it is they want and are doing everything they can to get it; and those who just wander aimlessly through life because they are scared to death of failure. I've lost a lot of so called friends cuz they turned out to be the second kind. Fuck yall hating ass niggaz I'll never stop chasing my dream," he wrote on a photo of himself in London.

As Gawker points out, he also uses the n-word in a photo caption a day prior. On the photo of himself and a friend he wrote, "Check out the song me and my nigga @chillthatdude just dropped on my Soundcloud."

We don't think this'll do much to propel his rap career further. What do you think?