Jay Z's "Tom Ford" off his Magna Carta Holy Grail album thrust designer Tom Ford into the hip-hop consciousness, and the lyrics "I don't pop molly / I rock Tom Ford" became the go-to for those against the molly craze (and those tired of it). While Hov was on his "MCHG" tour, he was spotted wearing a jersey inspired by his own lyrics designed by Black Boy Place.

The t-shirt had "TOM FORD" on the back with the number 61, and "molly" crossed out underneath the number. Now Tom Ford himself has knocked off the design for a sequined dress which appeared on his runway as part of his new Fall collection. Ford called it "a knock-off of the knock-off." There is both an orange and a black sequined version of the dress.

Check out photos of Hova in the original knock-off jersey, as well as photos of Tom Ford's own knock-off in the gallery above.

[via MissInfo]