Every year, technology continues to become increasingly advanced, and although consumers are typically wowed by the new developments, sometimes technological advancements can yield some pretty unsettling results. Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise has been going viral on TikTok as of late, but not of his own accord. According to Complex, an unnamed individual has created a TikTok account as a deepfake version of the 58-year-old actor has amassed 11 million views and one million likes with three hyperreal deepfake videos.

As seen above, the CGI version of Tom Cruise is seen golfing and talking to his fans, saying, "What's up TikTok!" Everything from the visual appearance the voice matches the actor, but it is an entirely animated depiction Cruise. Thanks to the artificial intelligence function known as deep learning, deepfakes like this have gained popularity over the years.

Fans are split in two over the recent Tom Cruise deepfakes, with some excited that they could potentially be a part of the rollout for Mission Impossible 7 and others freaked out over the idea that technology has made this all even possible. Check out the two other Tom Cruise TikTok deepfakes below and see where you stand on the situation.

 The real Tom Cruise has yet to comment on the TikTok deepfakes, so be on the lookout for more details as this story develops.