Tom Brady is likely to go down as the greatest player in the history of football. Having said that, it's clear that he is on a steep decline. When the season starts in September, Brady will be 43 years old which means he is no spring chicken. Despite this, he was a highly-sought-after free agent and after 20 years, he has decided to leave the New England Patriots. Brady is expected to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the franchise is already starting to see a wave of good fortune come their way.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, numerous players and free agents have been calling the team as they are now interested in playing for the Bucs. Brady is the type of player that can lure other players to come and join him. With this in mind, we could see an influx of Buccaneers signings in the coming days. 

This is interesting news especially when you consider how the Bucs have never been this relevant. Sure, they won a Super Bowl about 17 years ago but they aren't exactly the most talked-about team in the NFL. Brady's presence is already starting to have a huge effect on season ticket sales and we're sure their profile will continue to get bigger, especially if they win a lot of games.