Tom Brady and Antonio Brown don't have all that much in common when it comes to their accomplishments out on the football field. Sure, Brown is one of the best players at his position and has the stats to prove it but Brady has won six Super Bowls while Brown hasn't won any. There aren't very many parallels between their careers, except for the fact that both players hate the new helmet rule. Brown has made his distaste for the helmet restrictions painfully clear as he has undergone multiple helmet grievances.

In a report via NBC Sports’ Justin Leger, Brady talked about his issues with the new helmet rules and how he's still getting used to everything. Unlike Brown though, a helmet grievance isn't exactly in the cards.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

“I’ve been wearing the same thing for, you know, forever,” Brady said. “You get used to one thing, one feel … this [helmet] is a pound heavier, so it’s 25 percent heavier on your head. That takes a lot of getting used to. I wish it was lighter. I tried to make it lighter and they couldn’t make it lighter. I mean, add 25 percent to everything. Add 25 percent to your pen, or 25 percent smaller keys on your keyboard, and tell me how that feels. It’s a little different.”

It seems as though there are multiple players in the league who are trying to get used to their new headwear in time for the new season. It's huge change that could see some players take a dip in production simply because they need time to adjust.