Ever since Tom Brady took the plunge into social media a couple of years ago, the greatest football player of all-time has been making a case as one of the greatest posters of all time. 

Between weekly hype videos, jabs at Peyton Manning and other NFL players, and the occasional foray into extreme sports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has developed a legitimate social media presence.


This week, after a 38-3 dismantling of the Chicago Bears, Brady took to his Twitter account and delivered his customary post-win break down. 

Wishing everyone a happy Monday, Brady dove into the specifics of Sunday's win over the Bears. Pointing to Tampa Bay's defense only giving up three points, strong performances from the offensive line and running backs, as well as wide receiver Mike Evans' three touchdowns, Brady exclaimed that the Bucs are 6-1 and looking to keep the momentum rolling. 

The most important part of Brady's short video, however, was the music playing in the background.

From the opening seconds, we can hear Chief Keef's iconic 2012 record "Love Sosa" playing underneath Brady's voice. And just as he previews Tampa Bay's Halloween matchup with the New Orleans Saints, the video breaks into a highlight mashup of the Bucs dominating the Bears with "Love Sosa" blasting the entire time. 


Whether Brady is bumping Chief Keef in his free time is unclear, but whatever social media intern put this video together is a little bit disrespectful. Playing Chicago's own Chief Keef over a highlight reel of the Chicago Bears getting absolutely destroyed? You hate to see it. 

Check out Brady's Chief Keef-assisted jab at the Bears and let us know what you think in the comments.