It's no secret that children of celebrities are blessed with opportunities most children are not, so when Kanye West linked up with one of the greatest football players of all time, his oldest son Saint got to do something normally reserved for NFL receivers—play catch with Tom Brady.

In a two-minute long video posted to West's official Instagram page, Saint and Brady toss a football back and forth as the future Hall of Famer gives the 5-year-old some tips on how to throw the ball. West, behind the camera, and Brady chop it up about Ye's creative side and after a couple of dropped passes, the Donda rapper assures that Saint would be catching everything if it weren't for the cast he received after breaking his arm back in September. 

David Banks/Getty Images

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Taken at the Buccaneers' facility in Tampa, Florida, Ye's video is heartwarming and shows a human moment between two hugely famous and influential people bonding over something as simple as playing catch with a football. 

Besides a couple of mentions in lyrics, most famously on Tyler, the Creator's "Smuckers," the connection between West and Brady isn't one that's been publicized in the past, but with their reputations as the best in their respective crafts, and their ties to former president Donald Trump, a video of the two together does not come as a surprise. Whether or not Saint pursues a career in football because of his time with Brady is yet to be seen, but one thing is for certain—if a coach ever talks to his son like an idiot, Ye's going to bust his head open on some Diddy sh*t. 

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