Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes ever as he has six Super Bowl victories to his name. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback continues to play the game of football at a winning level and fans are amazed at what he can still do. Unfortunately, there are times where he slips up, and last Thursday was one of them. At one point, Brady appeared to think it was third down and threw the ball away. The issue here is that it was actually fourth down, meaning he had to get off the field and hand the Chicago Bears a win. This led to a meme of Brady holding up four fingers in confusion.

Well, Brady decided to remix the meme, with LeBron James' head on his body. Last night, LeBron won his fourth NBA title, so the image of LeBron holding up four fingers was more than appropriate for the moment. This afternoon, Brady posted the image and offered LeBron a heartfelt congratulations on the ring.

LeBron and Brady have maintained a friendship over the years, especially since they have one thing in common: excelling at their respective sports regardless of age. It's clear LeBron and Brady still have gas left in the tank, and we can't wait to see what they do in the future.