Back in January, the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs embarked on a hard-fought AFC Championship game that saw the Patriots come away with the win, 37-31 in overtime. The back and forth game at Arrowhead Stadium was one of the best playoff games this season, although there was one incident that some felt ruined the integrity of the game. That incident was caught on camera by KMBC cameras and showed a large green laser being pointed at Brady in the middle of a play

It was revealed that the laser pointer was flashed by a Chiefs fan who was just trying to give his team a competitive advantage. Unfortunately for that fan, Dwyan Morgan, laser pointers are banned from NFL stadiums for obvious reasons. In fact, his little stunt could actually lead to some jail time.

A TMZ report shows that Morgan was cited for disturbing the peace. If convicted, he will have to pay a $1000 fine or could even face up to one year in jail.

Morgan explained that he is very sorry about the incident and didn't want to embarrass the Chiefs, although he isn't willing to apologize to Brady and the Patriots.

We feel you, Dwyan. We feel you.