New England Patriots fans have to be holding their breath hoping Tom Brady makes it out of Montana in one piece.

Earlier this week, the superstar QB took to instagram to alert his 6 million followers that he'd be heading to Montana for a ski trip with his family, and that he's determined to do it "BIG" this year. 

In the clip shown below, Brady gives a quick break down of his failed jump last year, as he reviews some of Lindsey Vonn's tapes for inspiration.

Today, Brady returned to instagram with some footage of his progress thus far, which has Patriots fans pleading with him to get off the damn mountain.

Some of the comments on the post read (H/T TMZ Sports):

"Hey. Stop"

"Please slow down. Stay inside" -- @hbennett3223

"Wtf are you doing man?!?! Be safe man" -- @cpeters1993

"I'm sweating watching this" -- @j_delano

"Killin it Tom just dont break anything especially those fingers gonna needem for another ring" -- @jasont1287

"Tom, my heart is beating faster then ever before. Be safe" -- @tomfckinbrady12

"Honestly, what the hell are you doing to us Tom!! Gonna have a heart attack" -- @livkirby

Check out the footage below.