It will be a phenomenal matchup when the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Chargers take each other on in their AFC divisional matchup on Sunday. Patriots QB Tom Brady (41) will take on Chargers QB Philip Rivers (37) in a game that will determine who goes to the AFC Championship match. While the two are supposed to be rivals, Brady has had some high praise for Rivers.

"He's kind of like me," Brady explained via the Chargers' official website. "He wants the ball out of his hands. He kind of wants to be able to anticipate coverages. He's got really a great group of skill players — backs, tight ends, receivers. They're playing as well as any offense that's played all season. He's had an incredible year.”

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Brady even went on to say that he's been an avid admirer of Rivers ever since 2004 when the Chargers QB was drafted into the league.

"I think he's an incredible player and has been since he came in the league. I don't know him that well. I've known a lot of guys that've played with him, and they all say great things. He's a great leader, he's a great passer of the football, he's incredibly tough and has just been a prolific passer."

Brady and Rivers have played each other twice in the playoffs, with the Patriots winning both of those games. Their last post-season matchup was in 2007 in the AFC Championship game.

You can catch the Patriots play the Chargers this Sunday at 1:05 P.M. EST.