Saturday night was a pretty surprising time to be a football fan, especially if you support the Indianapolis Colts. It was revealed that star quarterback Andrew Luck would be retiring from the NFL at the age of 29. This was pretty shocking news when you consider just how young Luck is and the fact that he is one of the best QBs in the entire sport. Luck explained that he has faced too many injuries over the course of his career and that it was hindering his ability to enjoy the sport.

As you can imagine, fans were pretty upset over the news although his fellow players seemed to be supportive of his decision. Players know better than anybody what it's like to be a professional athlete and were quick to defend Luck when he was under attack from fans. Recently, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke about Luck's retirement via’s Kevin Patra.

Justin Casterline/Getty Images

“It is his life. Everyone has the right to choose what he wants to do,” Brady explained. “He had a great career, and he was a great player. Everybody wishes they could be healthy all the time. It is a contact sport, and he’s certainly had his fair share of injuries, so guys retire at different times. Some at the end of the season, and I have seen a lot of guys retire before the season gets going and this is just one of those examples.”

Brady is 42 years old and is entering his 20th season in the NFL. When you think about how injuries have affected Luck's career, it makes Brady's longevity all that much more impressive.