Pretty well all season long the New England Patriots have had to deal with their fair share of haters and prove people wrong. At 41 years old, Tom Brady has been doubted this season but time and time again, he proved pretty much every single person wrong as he continued to lead the Pats to victory. That all came to fruition last night as the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl by a score of 13-3. It was a pretty defensive game overall but thanks to a great pass from Brady to Rob Gronkowski in the fourth quarter, the Patriots were set up for a game-winning touchdown from running back Sony Michel.

After the game, Brady and Gronkowski decided to take to Instagram with another signature trolling video. Neither player really says anything except look at the camera with a smug smirk of satisfaction. If you're a Patriots fan you probably love it but Rams fans will most certainly look at the post as a reason to despise Brady even more. Eminem's "Without Me" can be heard throughout the video.

The six-time Super Bowl champion Brady didn't exactly have his best game but made some big plays in key moments to propel his team to victory.

Brady is now 6-3 in the Super Bowl and has the most championship rings all-time.