Tokyo Jetz just dropped a full-length project called Bonafide. She popped through The Breakfast Club to talk about her new release while also dishing about some personal experiences.

The hosts asked her about past romantic relationships considering the heated content found in her lyrics about waste men. Angela Yee wondered if all of her those connections were as bad as the ones that made it on wax.

"I wouldn't say all men are like that. I wouldn't do that at all. I think you bitter when you saying something like that. That makes you bitter."

Although she stays sweet, Jetz does have reasons to feel salty.

"We together every day and all that, and then boom, somebody pop up pregnant, like 8 months about to give birth."

"He was like, they not together [...] Anytime a woman is in the picture the guy always says that the woman is crazy. No, you crazy 'cause you lyin'."

The attitude the lyricist embodies in her music is also applied in the negative instances. She takes no sh*t.

"Women take too much and the excuse it 'Oh, we've been through so much.' That's the problem ... If you ever do something small towards the same thing they do, he gon' walk away. You need to have that same energy."

"You don't have to take anything from anybody. You can start over. Somebody gonna love you just as much." 

The Jacksonville native also answered questions about receiving DMs from men, including Jason Mitchell who portrays Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton.

Watch the full clip below. The conversation opens up with Charlamagne Tha God apologizing for forgetting her name whenever he talks about dope female rappers. Listen to Bonafideto see what he means.