Tokyo Jetz Takes Full Credit For Starting The "Rapping In Cars" Trend

Mitch Findlay
October 03, 2018 17:28

Tokyo Jetz wants credit where credit is due.

We recently had the pleasure of chopping it up with Jacksonville rapper Tokyo Jetz, who wants to clear the air where a few recent trends are concerned. 

Jetz sets things off on a bold note, taking credit for starting the Jacksonville wave. "I feel like it's heading into the right direction," she says. "We got a lotta artists bubblin' in Jacksonville...I think Florida is on the wave right now. Our music doesn't sound like music from anywhere else." Jetz also opens up about her introduction to the game, having transitioned from poetry to rapping. "I didn't actually want to be a rapper," she admits, "I used to make poems and post them to Facebook." Eventually, she decided to record a video of herself spitting bars with her friend, prompting her now-manager Joshua to double down on his encouragement. 

She also claims to have started the ongoing trend of "rapping in the car." "You might have been rapping over beats in the studio, you might have been rapping over beats in your house, but I started the viral videos in the car. I don't care what nobody tell you, I started that!" Give credit where credit is due, and put some respect on Tokyo Jetz' name. 

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