While the Joker movie has surpassed $1.2 billion USD in the box office, there could be another origin story coming in the future. According to Forbes, Todd Phillips has received permission "to dabble with at least one more DC origin story." While Phillips claims a sequel is not in the works, reports are circulating as to otherwise. Todd Phillips is director and co-writer of the very dark Joker film with Joaquin Phoenix. In terms of the new film, there is no indication yet as to who the movie would be about, whether it's going to follow a villain or hero, and information right now is very limited. That being said, the prospect of another origin story is very exciting to DC fans everywhere. 

Todd Phillips
Lars Niki/Getty Images

Phillips has raked in a massive $100 million dollars from the Joker film alone due to his deal with Warner Brothers to receive part of the grosses. The uber-successful Joker film was a risk that panned out for all parties involved and now Todd Phillips supposedly has the creative freedom to see if inspiration can hit again. The filmmaker struck gold with his genius the last time around, chances are he can make magic happen again.  Will you be first in line to buy tickets? Maybe the Joker film is just the beginning of these types of gritty blockbuster hits and there will be a whole slew of them to come. Time will definitely tell.