During an interview with TMZ Sports earlier this month, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley spoke about how NFL players want all of the money in their contracts to be guaranteed, and how the players might have to go on strike in order to get their point across. When asked what could be done to get contracts like NBA and MLB players, Gurley added, "Lockout in a couple years."

In light of Gurley's remarks, The Los Angeles Times' Gary Klein recently asked the 23-year old running back about NFL contracts, to which he responded, "Us NFL players, we're just mad about NBA contracts right now, that's all. I just want like $80 million. Those guys are getting like $150 [million]. It's crazy. It's insane." 

According to Spotrac, Gurley has two years remaining on his current deal before free agency, and he'll earn just over $2.3 million next season before making jumping to $9.6 million in the 2019 campaign. Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman currently has the biggest contract for a running back in league history at five years, $41.25 million.

Gurley's comments fall in line with several other NFL players including Eric Winston, who says they're ready to call for a work stoppage if NFL deals don't start looking more like the contracts of NBA and MLB players. Veteran offensive lineman Russell Okung added, "Considering football’s level of brute, immanent physicality, high turnover as well as the short life cycle of its participants, it would seem to me that NFL players are in the most need of fully guaranteed contracts."